Make the Connection

Make the Connection

Make the connection. If you haven’t yet removed animal products from your life you are causing suffering in the world for the sake of your status and personal gratification. Many still live with and love animals in their families yet support cruelty and slaughter of other animals. This is called Speciesism – it’s just another […]

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Matt the Baboon | Global Animal Welfare Development Society

Matt Gets Hiccups

Matt the Baboon was a friendly chap who lived in a wild troop near The Crags, Western Cape, South Africa. He was a good friend. When Matt found some fresh goodies in the garden or the fruit trees he inhaled them before anyone could steal his treats. Later you’d often hear him in the forest

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Bean Loves Raspberries

Bean is a mischievous and playful rescued Chacma Baboon – he was raised by human parents after his baboon family was murdered by farmers. He’s quite used to interacting with people. This video was taken in the temporary housing at Tenikwa Wildlife Awareness Center, Western Cape, South Africa where Bean and his friends unfortunately had

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