The Walking Dead

10 Tips to Spot a Zombie

The walking dead are commonly able to pass as productive members of society. It takes training to spot them as they don’t always have missing limbs or flesh peeling from their bones. Often they don’t have discolored skin, blood dripping from their faces, or flesh in their teeth. Finding sanctuary is not just about locating safe haven but helping others survive until the great transformation. It’s up to all of us. We need to stay together. Share and promote this information for the common good. Here we’ll cover the most critical 10 tips to spot a zombie to help you survive the apocalypse.

Dazed and Confused

Zombies tend to not understand themselves, their place in the world, or the consequences of their actions. They’re confused about cause and effect. They’re dazed about dangerous behavior. The walking dead are generally unable to think about healthy alternatives and solutions. Ask them simple but specific questions about where their food or products come from and they won’t have decent answers.

Trouble Speaking

The walking dead are unable to speak about issues which require critical thought or serious reflection. When prompted, they’ll usually answer with justifications for their behavior or incoherent babble. Zombies are not able to communicate rational responses.

Moaning and Groaning

When they do speak, they’re often found complaining about their lives with little to no acknowledgement that they’re likely among the most privileged in the population. Zombies consider their problems more important than those of others but are gratified by drawing attention to themselves.

Location, Location, Location

The walking dead are easily found herding in shopping malls and big box stores. Certain locations draw them in likes moths to a flame as they are unthinking creatures with no self-control. They like crowds.


Easily Distracted

Zombies are completely unable to resist a diverse range of artificial sensory stimulation including moving pictures (television), bright lights (shopping malls, sports arenas), loud noises (radio, music). Usually anywhere massive crowds can gather will be filled to capacity with reanimated corpses.

Shallow Values

The walking dead have abnormal focus on collecting consumer goods. They’re often covered in brand name clothing which prominently display logos or they’ll purchase brand names simply to boast of the purchase. They join country clubs to display status and commonly hoard meaningless trinkets.

They Eat Flesh

Zombies have voracious appetites for flesh of all kinds. This is one of the easiest ways to identify them. Be aware of their intense self-gratifying desire to eat the flesh and products of animals great and small.


Unconscious Consumer

They eagerly consume more than they produce. This takes more observation but if you have time to assess them, it can be a valuable supplement to other tactics. These mindless automatons pathologically take more than they give back.

Destructive Behavior

Blind to the consequences of their actions, they’ll continue to engage in behavior that is destructive to themselves, to others and to the environment. Indicators include smoking, drinking, narcotics, eating flesh, wasteful living, careless and indiscriminate use of limited resources.

Blood on Their Hands

The zombie lifestyle comes at the fatal expense of others. Whether conscious or unconscious they kill or support killing for their own benefit: food, clothing, entertainment it’s all the same. It’s often easier for you to spot the blood on their hands, for the bloody corpses have the ability to ignore their complicity.

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