Make the Connection

Make the Connection

Make the connection. If you haven’t yet removed animal products from your life you are causing suffering in the world for the sake of your status and personal gratification. Many still live with and love animals in their families yet support cruelty and slaughter of other animals. This is called Speciesism – it’s just another form of discrimination but this kind is also contributing to the destruction of our planet. The only reason this issue exists is because you allow it.

Turning away from the nightmarish lives of those you prefer not to think about makes you complicit in their immense suffering. In legal terms, if you’re an accomplice to murder, you’re also found guilty. This principle is critical to making the connection. You may prefer not to acknowledge the horror executed in your name, but that doesn’t stop it from happening. And as long as you allow these products on your backs and plates or in your lives, you are guilty. Stop being part of the problem. Please, make the connection.

Did you know that one of the best ways to stop global climate change is to avoid animal products?

Quick Facts

  • Toxic solid wastes represent up to 70 percent of the wet weight of leather (World Bank 2010)
  • One third of all available land globally is used for livestock production (FAO 2006)
  • Livestock contributes to 18 percent of greenhouse gas emissions (FAO 2006)
  • More energy is required to make one burger than to fully power seven iPads (Capper 2011)
  • Record droughts in the US have shrunk cattle herds to 60 year lows (USDA 2012)
  • The average American eats over 270 pounds of meat every year (FAO 2010)
  • By 2050, 70 percent more meat will be required to feed the world (FAO 2009)

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