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In Memoriam | Matt

Matt was a member of the Loredo Troop of wild baboons who used the Hebron Nature Reserve as part of their movement corridor between the adjacent farms and properties in The Crags, Western Cape, South Africa where I spent six months working to save the Darwin Primate Group’s sanctuary. Matt had a childlike personality, playful

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Matt the Baboon | Global Animal Welfare Development Society

Matt Gets Hiccups

Matt the Baboon was a friendly chap who lived in a wild troop near The Crags, Western Cape, South Africa. He was a good friend. When Matt found some fresh goodies in the garden or the fruit trees he inhaled them before anyone could steal his treats. Later you’d often hear him in the forest

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Bean Loves Raspberries

Bean is a mischievous and playful rescued Chacma Baboon – he was raised by human parents after his baboon family was murdered by farmers. He’s quite used to interacting with people. This video was taken in the temporary housing at Tenikwa Wildlife Awareness Center, Western Cape, South Africa where Bean and his friends unfortunately had

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Troop Life

Troop Life

Six months living with rescued and wild primates has deeply affected me. For the better – mostly – but I’m also left somewhat haunted by the similarities between us. I’ve seen shocking cruelty executed towards primates by disconnected humans who apparently feel nothing; not empathy nor compassion. I wonder just how much harm some people

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Walking With Baboons

The first time I stepped out onto the trail behind the baboons, I didn’t know what to expect. Karin Saks called them into formation and off we went; through the endangered Yellowood forest with three or four young rescued baboons doing what they do best: playing, climbing, hooting and generally acting like most rambunctious small

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