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Franco Vervet | Global Animal Welfare Development Society

In Memoriam | Franco

Franco was a rescued ex-pet Vervet Monkey undergoing rehabilitation at the Darwin Primate Group (DPG) sanctuary in the Western Cape, South Africa when he was confiscated by Cape Nature; the provincial “wildlife authorities”. While in his temporary housing at Tenikwa Wildlife Awareness Center, he was murdered by Tenikwa staff, allegedly after an incident when a

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Bean Loves Raspberries

Bean is a mischievous and playful rescued Chacma Baboon – he was raised by human parents after his baboon family was murdered by farmers. He’s quite used to interacting with people. This video was taken in the temporary housing at Tenikwa Wildlife Awareness Center, Western Cape, South Africa where Bean and his friends unfortunately had

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Darwin Primate Group Sanctuary

It’s been a month now, sorting through the difficult circumstances facing Darwin Primate Group and its fledgling primate sanctuary for rescued and orphaned Chacma Baboons and Vervet Monkeys. I didn’t think the issues here would be solved so easily, but some are certainly more problematic than others: anti-wildlife landowners, unethical commercial wildlife exhibits, impoverished locals

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