Colobus Conservation

Colobus Conservation

Colobus Conservation aims to protect and conserve primates, in particular the Angolan Colobus Monkey and its associated coastal forest habitat in Kenya. The Located in Diani, South Kenya, they were established in 1997 as a not for profit conservation organization and became a limited company in 2001. They employ a dozen local staff with help from many Kenyan and international volunteers. Animal welfare is their primary focus but they’ve also developed programs including eco-tours and educational workshops to raise awareness and funding.

The conservation center is open to public visitors where you’ll likely staff and volunteers working on varying projects: caring for orphaned or injured primates, construction or conducting research. Ongoing research projects include study of human/primate conflicts, animal welfare, ecology, community development, forest protection, forest enrichment and ecotourism.

A habituated troop of Colobus monkeys live at the center, which provies an ideal opportunity to learn about their ecology, communication and behavior. Or you can just sit around and enjoy them as they go about their monkey business. Wild primates also travel through the area daily. While on site there’s a good chance you’ll also see Vervets, Sykes and Baboons.

Their robust volunteer program puts you hands-on with the primates there. Daily activities may include: cleaning and feeding the resident monkeys, tree planting, infant caretaking, Colobus feeding, home range studies, population census, Baboon home range analysis, Baboon feeding ecology, primate enclosure enrichment and hotel primate pest assessments.

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