Leaving Home

And so it begins. The seeds of this pilgrimage sprouted in my mind many years ago. No matter the successes I experienced, something was always missing. A late night revelation told me I wouldn’t find what I was looking for at home in Vancouver. I suspected to not find any important answers while enjoying the creature comforts of western society. Everything has lead to this single decision – to leave for good.

This is a personal journey; to sacrifice the comforts of home in Canada and work my way around the world. This is a search for no ordinary moments in the service of animals and the environment. There is more to the sacrifice of course; but a “normal” life is not for me anyway. Everything seems easier now that I’ve accepted that reality. The gears are in motion.

So, for the last two years I’ve sold everything I owned and given the rest to charity. Now I feel weightless. I can’t say the process was easy though, it wasn’t. Breaking up with the material possessions I’ve spent a lifetime collecting was difficult. Snowboards, guitars, training equipment; things I never imagined being without – all gone.

Lifestyle anxiety is what I call it. Yet ironic one can experience such mental unquiet “living the dream” in such a beautiful city. I understand the problem more now – it’s time to find meaningful solutions to so many issues.

All I have left is my desire to exemplify the change I want to see in the world. This is the most important thing I’ve ever done. There is no set plan. But I will try to remain open to whatever opportunities appear along the path before me.

First stop: Bali.

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