Leanna Decker | GAWDS Interview

In Conversation with Leanna Decker

Leanna Decker is a sweet Southern belle whose modelling career has taken off this year after capturing Playboy’s Cyber Girl of the Year 2012; as well as some high-exposure work with Apple. Tied button-ups and Daisy Dukes have never looked better but she’s not just sex appeal; she’s got a soft-spot for animals and is a passionate supporter of equal rights for Pit Bulls thanks to her baby boy Chino; a young red-nosed Pit-Bull.

Leanna Decker | GAWDS Interview

Did you ever have one experience that changed your views towards animals and their protection?

Mmm no, there wasn’t a single experience; I guess just the way I grew up. As long as I can remember I have always been very much in love with animals.

Are you a true Southern belle, accent and all? Did you have pets or spend a lot of time in the outdoors?

I grew up in a fairly small city, Greenville, South Carolina. My first pet was a little black kitten, sadly she died two weeks after we got her. We’ve always had dogs though. Then I got my second cat named Smokey eight years ago, who was my best friend – I’ll never ever forget him! I was such a tomboy too, always outside playing with my brother and our pets, chasing each other around the ol’ tire swing.

Tire swings and childhood memories go hand in hand – I can see it now. Did you or do you have a special affinity for any particular animals?

No, I love all animals, big or small!

Leanna Decker | GAWDS Interview

Even goats? Yea? Sweet. OK, here’s a skill testing question. What would you sacrifice to save one endangered species from extinction?

I would give up jewelry to save all the Giant Panda Bears in the world 🙂

Is that the cause that stands out to you?…

Yes, I’d do anything to help Pandas – anything…. 😉

Now that’s dedication! (ahem) umm….so you love jewelery! You’re an inspiration to women everywhere.

LOL sure ! I try.

You must be a pet mama then; tell me about your fur-babies.

I have a baby Red Nose Pitbull named Chino; he’s now four months old and already weighs forty pounds! And he is soooo spoiled, I admit it LOL and also the biggest baby; he’s my life, seriously, I love him to death and would do anything for him or to protect him.

Chino is awesome; I cannot fathom a more “heads up arse” policy than Breed Specific Legislation. Apologies, I digress. Let’s chat about your current projects.

I totally agree though it’s so unfair! I’m really busy right now; mostly working on projects with Playboy. It’s been so much fun working with them!

Leanna Decker | GAWDS Interview

I’m sure they keep you quite busy. In your down time do you work with or support any specific animal or conservation organizations?

Not specifically I don’t, but helping animals means the world to me; I’m happy helping any way I can.

What’s your diet like? Have you ever considered going vegan? How difficult do you think the transition would be?

Not at all; I’m slowly turning vegetarian anyway and dropping one meat at a time to get used to it; one day I do wanna get rid of dairy and be full-blown vegan!

It’s important to educate ourselves on the best way forward. Daiya has literally saved my sanity. What’s your impression of veganism from the way the media presents it?

I know it’s no animals at all, no meats, no dairy, cheese, milk, eggs, etc. and very healthy! I don’t have issues with “ethical” fabrics like wool though.

Leanna Decker | GAWDS Interview

As a professional model, how difficult is it for you in the industry to take a stand and refuse supporting the use of cruelty products like fur and cosmetics tested on tortured animals?

Very easy! I’m your typical firecracker red-head! I get away with it too because people don’t expect that kind of attitude coming from sweet little me. And being so passionate about what I believe in; if I don’t want to wear unethical products I won’t. Ever.

How resistant do you think the industry is to a full-scale ban on cruelty products?

Some company’s I think are much more reasonable and actually think about the effects they have on others. And then other companies, I feel they really will do whatever they want to whoever they want, just to sell their products.

Leanna Decker | GAWDS Interview

Have you made any personal or career goals for the year?

I would really like to become a part of something bigger than myself and help all the beautiful animals and important causes in the world! And of course to further my modeling career and travel the world!!

That’s what I love to hear – welcome to the team! What can your fans and supporters expect to see from you by supporting our campaigns?

They’ll be seeing a whole new side of me! 😉 Clothed! lol mostly blogs and videos and anything else we dream up! I hope my awesome fans will come along on the journey and support me in helping save animals around the world. XX 🙂

Awesome, thanks Leanna! I look forward to introducing you to the baby Panda bears.

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